Do I have to pre-order flowers?

You must pre-book what you want for sure, and then shop the cooler for anything extra. Sometimes there is a good selection and sometimes the selection is very minimal. It's best to plan ahead and order everything you think you will need for the best design results!

Do I need to reserve a space to work and store flowers in your DIY Studio?

Yes! We have 2 work table areas available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It's best to reserve your space when you pre-book your flowers. If we are full the day you want to work, we will put you on our wait list.

When can we work in your DIY Studio?

DIY Studio work space is available 9:00am until 4:00pm Wednesday through Friday. Everyone needs to be cleaned up and out the door by the close of day at 4:00pm.

How many people can I bring to DIY?

Five people maximum per group. We do not allow helpers under the age of 16 or children in our DIY Studio.

What if I want to bring more than five people?

If you would like to bring more than 5 people, please call ahead. If the DIY Studio is not full the day you want to work, you may be able to bring additional people.

What do I need to know for DIY?

Do your research! Read Look through wedding books, magazines and search the internet for ideas especially sites like Pinterest. Consider scheduling a DIY Consultation. Sign up for a private lesson, take one of our floral design classes or bring your crew to a day long Bridal Boot Camp! It's always good to do a practice run to avoid having to improvise or change a plan in the middle of your DIY event. A class or lesson is the perfect place to try out your idea!

Can you help in deciding what flowers and the quantities needed?

Yes, we offer the DIY Consultation otherwise known as the “ask me anything" consultation. At this consultation we guide you through the DIY process and offer advice on the best flower types for your particular look and situation. We help you figure out how many of each flower you will need for each flower piece you make. We provide information on the care and handling of your DIY flowers. This consultation is extremely helpful and worthwhile. It will give you peace of mind for successful and fun DIY experience. And yes, we charge a fee for all the information!

Do you offer help in designing bouquets when we are in the DIY Studio?

If you would like to assistance the day of your preparation we will provide a design assistant for an hourly fee. We are typically designing for our wedding clients for the weekend and unable to help you with your event. You are responsible for your designs. Have a plan, do your homework and take a class!

Do you provide vases, supplies, packing or containers for delivering to my event?

We sell containers and supplies that you must pre-order. Everything we use professionally is available for purchase. Vases, ribbon, floral foam and wristlets for corsages just to name a few! The DIY Studio provides the design and storage space and FS Fresh Market provides the flowers. You will need to bring in vases or containers, and any supplies you might need to create, pack and store your bouquets. We do not help you pack your flowers or provide packing material. If one of our carts is available you are welcome to use one to get everything to your vehicle.

Do I need to clean and process bulk flowers?

If you are using the DIY Studio, your flowers will be in buckets and waiting for you at your designated DIY space. When you purchase flowers in bulk to design elsewhere the flowers and stems need to be cleaned. The proper care and handling for each flower type should be followed. We sell floral hydration and preservative solutions.

How far ahead can I make my bouquets?

Generally 3 days for centerpieces and 2 days for your personal flowers. It depends upon flower types and a few other factors. Once your centerpieces are designed, have adequate water, and packed well for delivery, they will do fine stored in the DIY space. Personal flowers may be stored in The Flower Studio's cooler if there is available space and you have reserved the cooler space ahead of time.

Should I order extra flowers?

Yes, it is good to order extra. When you purchase flowers in bulk, you need to allow extra for breakage, imperfections etc.

Can I bring in flowers from other places or from my garden?

No. If you choose to use our Studio to DIY, we ask that you purchase all of your flowers from us. Please do not ask to bring in flowers from other places, farmers market, online vendors or from a garden.

Is there a cost for using your space to DIY?

If you purchase flowers from Flower Studio Fresh Market, you can use our space free of charge on the day you reserve. Depending on the total of your flower purchase you may receive complimentary space in our cooler for your personal flowers.

Can I rent your DIY Studio by the day?

Yes, If you rent the space you may bring in flowers from other sources or use FS Fresh Market. The cost is $100 per day 8:30am to 5:30pm and subject to availability. The rental price includes the use of buckets to process flowers and access to our sink.

How much do flowers cost?

Once you have determined your flower type and the quantities of each we will get you a total price. Please ask about our DIY Consultation to get started.

When do I pay for my pre-booked my flowers?

We require a 25% non-refundable deposit when you place your flower order, with the balance due one week to pick-up or the day of your DIY Studio design time.

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash and we take all major credit cards. We will accept local checks 3 weeks ahead of the pick-up day.

Who can order at Flower Studio Fresh Market? do I need to be a licensed florist?

Anyone can shop at FS Fresh Market. We sell our flowers in bulk at near wholesale prices.

Are you a wholesaler?

No, but we sell flowers close to wholesale prices. The more you order of a particular flower the less each stem will cost. We will charge you sales tax unless you provide us with a valid Wisconsin sellers permit document.

What if I change my mind after reserving a DIY space?

We ask if you change your mind that you call and cancel your reservation the week prior to arrival so someone else can use the space. You will be subject to a packing charge if your flowers have been processed into buckets. Your flowers will need to be re-boxed for pick up.

When can I pick up my bulk flowers or DIY bouquets?

All boxed/bulk flowers need to be picked up by 5:00pm on Wednesday. A storage fee will be charged to your total if we keep them in our cooler an additional day. Pick up times for your completed DIY Bouquets is Thursday and Friday 8:30am-5:00pm and Saturday 8:30am till 10:00am. If you have arranged for cooler space for your personal flowers pick up times are the same.

What is the best way to store and deliver my flowers?

Centerpieces, bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets need to be in a water source, and packed for travel. Please read our list of supplies for DIY. Consider scheduling a DIY Consultation to help walk you through the entire process. The Flower Studio wants you to take extra time and special care with packing your bouquets to be sure your flowers look their best for your special day!