Suggested Supplies for DIY

Please remember to bring your supplies with you.

WE SELL SUPPLIES but to it’s best to preorder all items (check our supply list). We cannot guarantee we will have what you need.

  • Centerpiece Containers and vases
  • Containers for any other floral arrangements-alter/place card table etc
  • Floral foam if needed
  • Knife, scissors, cutters for each designer
  • Apron and towel for each designer
  • Containers/tubs/crates to transport your arrangements
  • Packing material like newspaper, foam etc.
  • Vases or solo cups to stand-up bridal bouquets for transport      
  • Zip lock or some type of bags to store corsages and boutonnieres
  • Paper, Markers, tape and stapler for labeling corsages, boutonnieres and your packed up centerpieces.
  • Duct tape to use as labels for all storage containers/tubs/bags
  • Floral tape and wire
  • Corsage and boutonniere pins
  • Ribbon